More communication with Philae, new treatments for depression, OneWeb satellite network, comprehensive virus test, and how the holes in Swiss Cheese are made!

Some of our best science stories from 2014. Comet landings, Ebola outbreaks, retracted stem cell studies, faecal transplant capsules and more!

Rosetta gives clues to Earth’s water’s origins, one of the most common minerals in our planet, New Horizons and Dawn to visit minor planets, DNA tests for twins, and the dangers of raw milk.

Rosetta arrives at the comet, an uncontacted tribe gets influenza, and a bacteriophage is the most common virus in your body. Plus, how bears overeat but don’t get diabetes, a year long microbiome study, and crazy octopus sex!

Updates on ISEE-3, fossilised brains, electric bacteria and a rubber duckie comet. Plus the largest non-avian flying dinosaur, a cancer vaccine from a cat poo parasite, and snakes on a plane in microgravity.