Tracing the oridings of fast radio bursts, putting penguins on treadmills, a new cause of Lyme Disease, and harnessing bacterial nanospears!

Our top stories from 2015. All the stories we thought particularly interesting, plus the times where the media or scientists got things very wrong.

Is this the antibacterial apocalypse? Some bacteria is now resistant to even our last-resort antibiotics. Also biologists making flatworms grow the heads and brains of other species of flatworms, without altering their genome. And the genome of the tardigrade gets sequenced, and there’s a lot of foreign DNA in there.

Chinese scientists report editing the genome of human embryos, the role of oxytocin in human/dog relations, chimps that hunt with spears, unexpected bacterial complications in organ transplants, another magma chamber found at the Yellowstone supervolcano and celebrating 25 years of Hubble.