SoT:185 An Ewok and a Mogwai

May 13, 2015

Hosts: Ed Brown, Dr. Shayne Joseph, Lucas Randall

[00:00:39] A controversial paper published by Chinese researchers in the online journal Protein & Cell marks the first time scientists have reported manipulating the genetic material of human embryos.

[00:11:14] A new study has looked at the role of the hormone oxytocin in the dog and owner relationship. And it involved dogs and owners staring longingly into each other’s eyes.

[00:22:27] Chimpanzees in the wild have been observed crafting sharp spears to stab their prey. Hunting is rare among chimpanzees, but even more interesting in this case is it’s the females that use the spears.

[00:28:18] Bacteria that normally live in the urinary tract and cause no harm have been implicated in a number of deaths in organ transplant patients.

[00:32:43] Seismologists at the University of Utah have found a huge reservoir of partially molten rock underneath the Yellowstone Caldera, the largest supervolcano in North America.

[00:44:47] 25 Years ago the Hubble Space Telescope was launched from the Kennedy Space Centre. And despite a number of significant obstacles and challenges, it has become one of the most successful and iconic telescopes ever built.