SoT Special: 2019 Bloopers and Outtakes

January 22, 2020

2019 was a big year for science. We saw the first ever direct image of a black hole, the development of artificial intelligences made progress, and rats were taught to drive cars. And we talked about all these stories and more on Science on Top. But not everything goes to plan, and this year was no exception! We had all sorts of Skype troubles, we forgot things, we were interrupted by dogs and phones… lots went wrong!

But instead of losing the hilarious moments of chaos, we’ve saved them all for our traditional end of year bloopers episode. All the rants, the tangents, the swearing and the brain farts all put together for one long blooper reel!

As always, it’s full of swear words so we can’t put it on the usual RSS feed. This means you won’t be able to listen through your usual podcast app. You’ll have to manually download it with the big red button below, or play it on YouTube in the above player.

Unlike our show normally, this special episode does contain swear words. It’s raw and unedited, an end-of-year bonus. Please don’t download it if naughty words offend you!