SoT Special: 2014 Bloopers and Outtakes

January 11, 2015

2014 was a big year in science. We landed a probe on a comet, tackled Ebola head-on, learnt a heap of new things about the microbiome and so much more. And on Science on Top we had a lot of fun talking about it all. But it didn’t always go to plan, and there was lots left on the cutting room floor. Like that time Dr. Mel Thomson talked at length about vasectomies, or when Jo Benhamu talked about the competitive ‘dark side’ of science. And there were plenty of times when we’d get distracted, forget our words or go off on a tangent.

Most of the time, these all get left out of the final show. But they’re not lost forever. We’ve compiled some of the bloopers and out-takes from this year into an entirely new episode for you to enjoy. It’s not on the usual Science on Top RSS feed, so you HAVE to download it manually to listen to it – iTunes and other podcast aggregators won’t get it. You can also play it through the SoundCloud player above.

Unlike our show normally, this special episode does contain swear words. It’s raw and unedited, an end-of-year bonus. Please don’t download it if naughty words offend you!

Download here. Duration: [1:01:42]