SoT Special: 2011 Bloopers and Outtakes

December 24, 2011

Download Now!We’ve had a great 2011. For all of us, this is our first time doing a podcast and it’s been a great experience – but it hasn’t always gone according to plan. Sometimes, when the microphone is on the pressure gets to us. We slur our words, lose our thoughts, say the wrong things and drop rude words in by accident.

And there’s also lots of great conversation that happens behind the scenes, too. Talking to guests about their work, or chatting about stories we did or didn’t cover.

Most of the time, these all get left out of the final show. But they’re not lost forever. We’ve compiled some of the bloopers and out-takes from this year into an entirely new episode for you to enjoy. It’s not on the usual Science on Top RSS feed, so you HAVE to download it manually to listen to it – iTunes and other podcast aggregators won’t get it.

Unlike our show normally, this special episode does contain swear words. It’s raw and unedited, an end-of-year bonus. Please don’t download it if naughty words offend you!

Download here. Duration: [0:45:49]