SoT 331: A Hyperactive Toddler

April 26, 2019

Hosts: Ed Brown, Kirsten Banks

[00:00:49] For the first time ever, astronomers have taken a photo of the silhouette of the event horizon of a black hole!
[00:06:39] The Event Horizon Telescope captured 5 petabytes of data – which is a lot!
[00:09:08] XKCD compared the size of the event horizon of M87 with the size of our solar system.
[00:11:36] Veritasium expertly described how the photo was taken, and all the permutations that could have happened to give us different photos.

Kirsten Banks is an astronomer, science communicator and Physics student.

This episode contains traces of Alan Duffy “losing his mind” talking about the Black Hole image on ABC Breakfast News.