SoT 330: A Very Large Horn

April 23, 2019

Hosts: Ed Brown, Dr. Kate Naughton, Peter Miller

[00:00:40] An extraordinary must-read article in the New Yorker has an in-depth look at the few hours after a meteor hit the Yucatán Peninsula and probably wiped out the non-avian dinosaurs. It also follows an amazing discovery that could answer many questions about the appearance of dinosaurs and whether or not they were already dying out.
[00:18:51] A study led by a team at the Duke University Clinical Research Institute has found that treatment recommendations that US doctors use when managing heart patients – less than 10 per cent of those recommendations are based on the best available evidence.
[00:33:52] As computer graphics and robotics get more and more realistic, there’s a point where an avatar or android is so close to real but not quite, and it’s unsettling. That’s the Uncanny Valley. But we don’t often talk about it’s auditory counterpart, and how there’s an Uncanny Valley for artificial voices as well.
[00:47:19] “Pumpkin toadlets” are tiny poisonous frogs in Brazil’s Atlantic Forest. They’re only about 15mm long, and their skeletons are fluorescent under a UV lamp!

This episode contains traces of Q, a ‘genderless’ artificial voice.