SoT 304: Licking the Walls

July 27, 2018

Hosts: Ed Brown, Lucas Randall, Dr. Carolyn de Graaf

[00:01:04] It was one of the most incredible news stories of the year – the rescue of twelve kids and their soccer coach from the flooded Thai cave. Made even more remarkable that they all returned in relatively good health – especially considering all the diseases and illnesses they were at risk of catching.

[00:10:48] Whether it’s Ebola, Hendra, SARS, or rabies; bats are often blamed for the spread of viruses. But is that fair? Are bats more likely to host diseases that spread to humans?

[00:17:34] While hunting for Planet Nine, astronomers accidentally discovered 12 new moons around Jupiter. One of them is on a collision course!

[00:28:54] Scientists Australia have developed a blood test which, in a recent trial, was successful in detecting melanomas in 81.5% of cases.

Dr Carolyn de Graaf is a geneticist from the Walter and Eliza Hall Institute.

This episode contains traces of astronaut Scott Kelly describing the creepiest thing he encountered on the ISS.