SoT 271: Seductive Cockatoo Music

July 20, 2017

Hosts: Ed Brown, Penny Dumsday, Lucas Randall.

[00:01:03] The Ancient Romans built sea walls with concrete that is still standing in many places today. What made their concrete so much stronger than modern concrete?

[00:08:24] The chances of finding life on Mars grew even slimmer after a study found chemicals in the Martian soil are highly toxic.

[00:15:54] Animals that use tools aren’t uncommon, and neither are animals that make sounds to attract mates. But the Palm cockatoo could be the first non-human animal to do both – they use tools to make music.

[00:28:47] In 1977 the Voyager spacecraft were launched carrying the Golden Records – gold-plated copper records containing images, sounds and music from Earth. And in one small segment of the record there’s the sound of a man laughing. Adrienne LaFrance at The Atlantic wrote about her intensive investigation to track down who that man was and why his laughter is on a billion-year time capsule.


This episode contains traces of Al Gore talking about climate change on Triple J radio’s Hack.