SoT 270: Sweeping Majestically Across The Plain

July 14, 2017

Hosts: Ed Brown, Dr. Shayne Joseph, Penny Dumsday, Sean Elliott

[00:00:48] Sean talks about his Roughbot project, a programmable robot kit that introduces students to coding and robotics.

[00:04:47] Every year, 1.2 million blue wildebeest migrate across East Africa, accompanied by around 200,000 zebra and antelope. At one point in their mass migration, however, they have to cross the mighty Mara River. Those that don’t survive the crossing end up being crucial to the surrounding ecosystem.

[00:11:13] Chinese researchers have for the first time ever sent entangled photons from space to ground stations on Earth. This record-breaking achievement could be the first step of a revolution in communications and encryption.

[00:23:49] Scientists in Uganda have noticed that the hunting behaviour of chimpanzees has changed since humans began studying them.

[00:34:17] Two researchers from Princeton and Harvard universities have come up with a theory to explain the different shapes of eggs from different bird species. It’s all about aerodynamics!


This episode contains traces of Arnold Schwarzenegger talking to senior US Navy officials about climate change.