SoT 230: Meat Ants

June 18, 2016

Hosts: Ed Brown, Penny Dumsday, Phil Kent, Michelle Franklin.

[00:00:52] Michelle Franklin joins us to discuss invasive species control – from giving herpes to carp, to the moth that nearly wiped out the prickly pear.

[00:16:57] Scientists have trained archerfish to recognise – and spit at – specific human faces.

[00:22:46] A woman in Pennsylvania recently tested positive to an E. coli “superbug” that’s resistant to most antibiotics. That’s scary enough, but it also points to a worrisome lack of testing and reporting with urinary tract infections.

Michelle Franklin is a wildlife biologist and a founder of the Darwin Skeptics.

Phil Kent is an aquaculture specialist and secretary of the Brisbane Skeptics. Brisbane Skeptics have a Skepticamp coming up. Phil can be found on Facebook, Twitter and at the Brisbane Skeptics’ Facebook page.
This episode contains traces of Stephen Colbert talking about a new study of frog sex positions.