SoT 18: Mighty Mouse

July 27, 2011

Download episode 18Hosts: Ed Brown, Penny Dumsday,  Dr. Shayne Joseph, Lucas Randall, Belinda Nicholson.

Topics covered:

Unfortunately, the technology failed us and when Lucas’ connection dropped for a split second, the recording software seemed to think that meant the show was over! And it gave us no signal, so we continued the show assuming it was recording, when it wasn’t. So we lost a really great discussion about volcanoes and mass extinctions. If you’re interested, here is the story:

Belinda Nicholson is an astrophysicist and Masters of Science student at Melbourne University. She is on Twitter here, and blogs at Origin at Infinity. She is occasionally a co-host on the Young Australian Skeptics’ podcast, The Pseudo-scientists.

Our theme music, Step On It, kindly provided by The Upstanding Members.

Download here. Duration: [0:40:40]