SoT 178: Live at Surfcoast Skepticamp 2015

March 10, 2015

Hosts: Ed Brown, Dr. Mick Vagg, Dr. Dave Hawkes, Jo Benhamu, Lucas Randall

Recorded in front of a live audience at Surfcoast Skepticamp, in Airey’s Inlet.

70,000 Years ago, a small star passed within a light-year of Earth – within the Oort cloud on the edge of our solar system.

New research suggests the sun can continue doing damage to our skin even when we go inside or cover up.

A flawed study into the health effects of fluoride gets far too much media attention.

Medical marijuana is not very effective for pain relief, and the industry is poorly regulated according to pain specialist Dr. Mick Vagg.

A study of Europe’s climate between the 14th and 18th century indicates that the Black Plague may have been spread more by gerbils, than rats.

Jo Benhamu is a clinical trials coordinator in radiation oncology.

Dr. Mick Vagg is Clinical Senior Lecturer at Deakin University School of Medicine, and Pain Specialist at Barwon Health. He’s a Fellow of the Institute for Science in Medicine and he often writes for The Conversation.

Dr Dave Hawkes is a virologist, science communicator and Molecular Microbiology Manager at Victorian Cytology Service. He’s on Twitter at @MrHawkes.

Download here. Duration: [0:54:02]