SoT 151: So Cute I Want to Puke

June 15, 2014

Download_greenA study suggests hurricanes with ‘female’ names have killed more people than ‘male’ names. But it’s MUCH more complicated than that.
Men are more likely than women to report severe pain after major surgery. But Women are more likely to complain after minor surgery. Because reasons.
A tiny tick trapped in a droplet of amber more than 15 million years ago appears to have been infected with a bacteria similar to the one that causes Lyme disease in humans.
The oldest known pair of trousers has been found in China, and their low-crotch design may have been for horseriding.
A new study of marmosets gives some clues as to what causes stillbirth. It’s not always the mother’s fault, so lay off on the guilt-tripping, ok?
The lead author of the controversial STAP papers, Dr. Haruko Obokata, has agreed to retract one (Update: now both) of the disputed papers.

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