SoT 138: The Undistributed Middle

March 13, 2014

Download_greenHosts: Ed Brown, Dr. Shayne Joseph,  Dr. Kate Naughton, Ketan Joshi.

Study finds no evidence wind turbines make you sick – again

Wind turbines could put the brakes on hurricanes

The Tiny Culprit Behind A Graveyard of Ancient Whales

An Electric Sock For the Heart

This infographic was created by Ketan Joshi. For the full version, and his references, read Ketan’s blog post about anecdotal evidence.

Kate Naughton is a geneticist and marine biologist.

Ketan Joshi is a Research and Communications Officer at Infigen Energy, a renewable energy company. He writes about renewable energy and climate issues here, and tweets here.

Download here. Duration: [0:43:21]