SoT 133: Live at Surfcoast Skepticamp 2014

February 4, 2014

Download_greenHosts: Ed Brown, Dr. Mick Vagg, Jo Benhamu, Dr. Mel Thomson

This Man Is Suing NASA For Ignoring a Jelly Donut-Shaped Rock He Thinks Is Life on Mars

Canine GPS vests reveal dog social network

Tiger Shark Shot and Dumped at Sea as Cull Begins in Western Australia

First systematic threat analysis reveals that 1/4 of sharks, rays, and chimaeras are threatened with extinction

7 ways to make beaches safer without killing sharks

Towing sharks out to sea will let us protect people … and sharks

Men forget more than women do, says study

Vizsla dog with GPS harness. Image: Zsuzsa Ákos

While recording this episode before a live audience, a short visual presentation accompanied the stories:

Jo Benhamu is a clinical trials coordinator in radiation oncology.

Dr. Mick Vagg is Clinical Senior Lecturer at Deakin University School of Medicine, and Pain Specialist at Barwon Health. He’s a Fellow of the Institute for Science in Medicine and he often writes for The Conversation.

Mel Thomson is an Infectious Disease Researcher at Deakin University.

Download here. Duration: [0:35:11]