Book Review: Astronomy Without A Telescope

December 18, 2012

Astronomy Without A TelescopeYou don’t need a fancy telescope to enjoy the night sky. That’s the message that popular Science on Top guest and host of the much-loved Cheap Astronomy podcast, Steve Nerlich, has been spreading for many years now. And it’s a theme he’s encapsulated in his eBook, Astronomy Without A Telescope.

AWAT is the culmination of over two and a half years of writing articles for Universe Today, arguably the premier space news website. In Steve’s words, writing the Astronomy Without A Telescope column each week demonstrated “that one can readily grasp much of humanity’s current understanding of the Universe without going anywhere near a telescope.”

And he’s right.

The book tackles everything from Earth’s location in the universe (with a dinner-table demonstration using plates and wine-glasses!) to supernovae, black holes and the search for extra-terrestrial life. And for readers looking for some excitement, Steve takes a look at the likelihood of a killer-asteroid collision and what we can do to avoid it.

It’s a terrific eBook for beginner sky-watchers and veteran astronomers alike, with beautiful images and links to detailed articles for further reading. And in keeping with Steve Nerlich’s ‘cheap astronomy’ ethos, the $3.99 price-tag is a bargain.

Buy the eBook in .epub format. This is the most widely compatible version, suitable for most ebook readers except Kindles.

Buy the eBook in Kindle format. This is the .mobi version, compatible with Amazon Kindles and the Kindle software on various phones and tablets.