Each week, we take a look at the science news that often doesn’t make it into the mainstream media. Science On Top is our attempt to shed light on the extraordinary work being done in the name of science, and discuss the world of science in general.

Who we are:
Ed Brown

Ed Brown, the host, is a science-lover, a geek and an amateur astronomer. He’s an active member of several skeptical organisations, such as Australian Skeptics and James Randi Educational Foundation.

Penny Dumsday

Penny Dumsday is a high school science teacher with special interests in zoology and geology.

Dr. Shayne Joseph

Shayne Joseph is an environmental microbiologist with an extensive background in microbial ecology and an interest in evolutionary and ecological theory.

Lucas Randall

Lucas Randall is an amateur astronomer, a skeptic and avid science lover. His Skeptic FAQ is one of the best summaries of scientific skepticism. He blogs here and his Twitter handle is @codenix.