SoT 4: Special Cuddle Time

Hosts: Ed Brown, Penny Dumsday, Shayne Joseph and Lucas Randall

Topics covered:

Lucas Randall is an amateur astronomer, a skeptic and avid science lover. His Skeptic FAQ is one of the best summaries of scientific skepticism. He blogs at and Tweets at

Listen at the end when Shayne’s dog, Jezebel, makes an unexpected cameo appearance!

Our theme music, Step On Up, kindly provided by The Upstanding Members.
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  • Pamela Gabriel

    Great show, very interesting subjects 14/4/11: and Lucas Randall a great guest, very knowledgeable on all discussed, as an amateur astronomer, well read. Thanks again guys. Pamela

  • Ed Brown

    Thanks Pamela, so glad you liked it!

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  • A quick correction to something I said during this episode:

    The super-massive black hole which appears to be feeding on a star and emitting high-energy gamma-ray bursts is approximately 3.8 BILLION light years away, not MILLION as I said on the podcast.

    Both are far, far, far away”, as George Hrab put it!