SoT 242: Making of a Murdered Fossil

Hosts: Ed Brown, Penny Dumsday, Lucas Randall.

00:00:37 The FDA has decreed that triclosan and triclocarban must be removed from all antibacterial soap products by late 2017. This is not because they’re dangerous, but because they’re ineffective.

00:07:38 The OSIRIS-REx spacecraft has launched “perfectly”. If successful, this ambitious mission will be the first time NASA has retrieved samples of an asteroid.

00:23:37 A new study of Lucy – the bones of a human ancestor from 3.2 million years ago – suggests she may have died from falling from a tree.

00:30:22 The Juno probe in orbit around Jupiter has taken some extraordinary photographs – the first ever photos of Jupiter’s polar regions.


This episode may contain traces of astrophysicist Neil deGrasse Tyson describing a Tim Tam Slam.

  • Andrew Mitchell

    Thanks for another great episode everyone.

    Regarding the ‘Security’ part of the name OSIRIS REx; I think it may relate to increasing our knowledge of a potentially hazardous asteroid. Wikipedia includes the following in the list of mission objectives:
    “Measure the Yarkovsky effect (a thermal force on the object) on a potentially hazardous asteroid and constrain the asteroid properties that contribute to this effect.”

    • Lucas Randall

      Thanks Andrew, you may be onto something there. It’s certainly a far stronger link than the space agencies seem to need to shoehorn the name of a mission or craft into a catchy acronym. 😀