SoT 15: Death Can Be Stressful

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Topics covered:

Tom Sidwell has completed a Bachelor of Science, with majors in immunology and microbiology (minors in molecular biology and biochemistry). He is currently doing honours in immunology studying the development of regulatory T cells. He blogs at lymphosite and is on Twitter at kill3rTcell.

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  • Shayne

    Viscount Monckton…

  • Ed Brown

    Well… yes and no. He is a viscount, but he’s not a member of the House of Lords. The convention for addressing a viscount is with the term Lord, eg Lord Christopher Monckton.
    According to the Font of All Knowledge, Wikipedia:
    A British viscount is addressed in speech as Lord [X], while his wife is Lady [X], and he is formally styled “The Viscount [X]”.

    So yeah, he’s Lord Monckton and he isn’t. 🙂