SoT 136: It Should Be Venereal

Download_greenHosts: Ed Brown, Dr. Shayne Joseph, Penny Dumsday, Lucas Randall

Mystery of the Martian ‘Jelly Doughnut’ Rock – Solved

Acid-bath stem-cell study under investigation

The physics of curly hair: Researchers develop first detailed model for a 3-D strand of curly hair

New Bionic Hand Gives Amputee a Grip — And a Sense of Touch

The Surprising Science of Dinosaur Pee

Largest Assemblage of Cambrian Fossils Since 1909 Discovered in British Columbia

Oldest Sea Monster Babies Found; Fossil Shows Reptiles Had Live Birth

Called the “Lifehand 2”, this artificial hand can provide an amputee the sensation of touch. Image: Università Campus Bio-Medico di Roma, via Flickr.

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