SoT 135: Googling Water Bears

Download_greenHosts: Ed Brown, Penny Dumsday, Lucas Randall, Dr. Katie Mack

Grey is the new black hole: is Stephen Hawking right?

Human Footprints Discovered on England’s Coast Are Oldest Outside Africa

This Leech Can Survive A 24-Hour Submersion in Liquid Nitrogen

Oldest known star discovered

The Kepler Space Telescope has lived to see another day – and planet!

Pint in the Sky videos

A computer generated image highlighting how strange things would look up close to a black hole. Image: Alain Riazuelo via Astronomy Picture of the Day.

Katie Mack is a theoretical astrophysicist at the University of Melbourne. She is a co-host of Pint in the Sky, a vodcast about astrophysics and beer. She also  writes on her blog and tweets at@AstroKatie.

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